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Talent acquisition careers

In-house talent acquisition is a critical role that’s fundamental to ongoing business success

What is Talent acquisition?

Talent acquisition is an in-house function within all types of organisations. Specialists in this area are responsible for setting and managing the internal hiring strategy for their business.

Talent acquisition is a long-term goal, especially as a company scales, and critical to future successes. It is an ongoing process for a business, constantly identifying and attracting the right talent.

What are the core responsibilities?

  • Setting marketing strategies (mostly through social networking) to market internal opportunities and attract new talent
  • Actively sourcing potential candidates, using tools such as LinkedIn and CV databases
  • Approaching prospective candidates about internal opportunities
  • Qualifying candidates through meetings and/or phone calls
  • Managing candidates through the interview process to onboarding
  • Working closely with senior internal stakeholders on hiring strategies
  • Collaborating with third-party agency partners for additional hiring support

Why should I consider Talent acquisition?

  • You’ll directly influence the hiring strategy of the business, being part of its success
  • You’ll work closely with senior internal stakeholders, being given lots of responsibility from day one
  • You’ll support multiple sectors of the business, recruiting for different functions
  • You’ll directly see the results of your work, and the impact this makes to internal departments and your colleagues
  • You’ll be the face of the business to every person who joins

What can I expect to earn?

Depending on your experience, starting salaries range from £35,000–£75,000 plus a bonus.

Many of our clients also offer share-option schemes.

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