22 August 2022

Everything you need to know about Graduate Edtech Jobs

Graduate Edtech Jobs

So, you’ve graduated – or are about to graduate – from university. You’ve reached the final hurdle and now have a lovely certificate to frame on the mantelpiece.

But now what?

Even after all that build-up, choosing a career path can be stressful, especially when you’ve got a stock of skills that shouldn’t go to waste.

Don’t worry, we more than understand that nervous feeling – we’ve been through this rite of passage after all!

Timberseed is proud to have assisted thousands of graduates throughout London and the rest of the UK – 85% of which graduated from Oxford, Cambridge, and other first-class Russell Group Universities – take the first step toward achieving their career goals.

Edtech is just one of the sectors we source talent for. But even if you’ve never heard of it – or are worried about a lack of experience in that field – we can find opportunities that help you shine.

Using our expert insider knowledge and connections with world-class Edtech companies, securing a graduate job in this industry doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

In this guide, we will cover:

  • What Edtech is
  • What graduate opportunities are available in the Edtech industry
  • When graduate jobs will be available
  • Whether Edtech is a good career

And, finally, how our team of recruitment specialists are here to give you a handy leg-up as you begin to climb that all-important career ladder.

It’s always good to have people in your corner, isn’t it?

What is Edtech?

Short for education technology, Edtech is exactly what it says on the tin – relating to tools that increase and improve technology in all levels of education.

In practice, these are given to students, schools, universities, and online learning platforms to boost educational offerings.

Examples of Edtech include:

  • Tablet computers in the classroom
  • Computer rooms
  • Interactive whiteboards like Smartboards
  • Projectors
  • Online content delivery
  • Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

Edtech improves the experience of education for both the students and the educators. So for students, it makes the content more accessible and personalised. And, for teachers, it can really take the pressure off the way that they deliver their classes.

At Timberseed, we specialise in sourcing job roles within the Software as a Services (SaaS) sales industry – and this is no different with Edtech.

Edtech software includes things like:

  • Classroom management software
  • Reference software
  • Student information portals
  • Online submission
  • Human resource management
  • Learning management tools
  • Online quizzes, Q&As, tests and assignments
  • Online courses
  • Plagiarism detection software
  • Attendance taking software
  • Engagement data and analytics
  • Sharing platforms

As a graduate, you’ll have recently seen (or maybe even used) such software in action – although you might have mentally blocked it out already.

Remember that helpful organisational board you used for managing and submitting your assignments?

Well, your institution had to purchase it from somewhere.

Innovative software solutions can be revolutionary to Universities, especially when it comes to engagement and inclusivity within education.

It’s pretty invaluable within an age of remote and hybrid learning, making Edtech SaaS roles arguably more important now than ever before. In fact, a reported 82% of students want some of their courses to be done online.

Luckily for us, institutions are taking note!

Only 15% of universities are expected to only offer in-person learning by 2025.

This means that Edtech SaaS allows more people to access educational content from their homes, or wherever they are in the world. Not only this, but it makes the process of teaching classes – both in person and online – as streamlined and stress-free as possible, and can reduce overhead costs for educational institutions.

Which Edtech graduate roles can I work in?

There are a plethora of Edtech jobs and broader SaaS graduate roles that are suitable for a wide range of skill sets. One thing that they have in common, however, is that they need enthusiastic graduates to keep the energy going.

Here, we have broken down three SaaS Timberseed graduate roles in Edtech – SDR, BDR, and CSM – summarising what they are, and what skill profiles are handy to have for such roles.

At Timberseed, we focus on acquiring raw talent in spades. So don’t worry if you think you don’t have any relevant prior experience, as many of the graduates we help are often surprised by the breadth of knowledge they already have.

We will talk you through the roles in more detail and offer tailored advise, should you choose to go for any of these Edtech Timberseed jobs.

Sales Development Representative (SDR)

SDR is a fantastic entry point for a Timberseed graduate into a SaaS or sales-based career.

Within this role, people in the Edtech sector undertake the first half of the sales cycle – prospecting, investigating, conversing, and assigning the customer over to the ‘closer’.

In other words, they are the first point of contact between the business and its product, and potential customers or leads.

As a result, they are often regarded as the ‘face’ of the business… so hey, good looking!

Quick skills checklist:

  • First-class listening skills
  • Quick thinking
  • Adaptable
  • Desire to go above and beyond for a customer
  • Written and verbal communication skills; dynamic and able to hold a conversation
  • Organisation
  • Proficient in email updates and social media/marketing channels like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Does this sound like you?

Check out our complete guide to SDR roles or get in touch for more information, and send over your CV to the Timberseed recruitment team.

Business Development Representative (BDR)

It is up to a BDR to source and create opportunities for potential sales, by reaching out to well-researched prospects via phone, email, and social channels – essentially tactical cold calling potential clients and businesses.

It is also up to the BDR to research these prospects, understand their needs, and assess whether their custom will fit the business’s overall goals before progressing the prospect through the sales channel.

If you’ve got a keen eye and an even sharper brain, then BDR might be right for you.

Quick skills checklist:

  • Research expertise
  • Able to think outside the box
  • Trustworthy
  • First-class listening skills
  • Ability to read between the lines
  • Proficiency in proactively and reactively problem solving

Do you have all these skills and the desire to hit the ground running?

Send over your CV, and we will match you with or post you to a Timberseed graduate opportunity. Or, check out our complete guide to BDR roles here for more information.

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Another example of Edtech jobs is a CSM. Not to be confused with a Customer Support Professional (CSP), a CSM will already have a developed relationship with the client and will support them by understanding their needs and finding solutions.

Typically, a CSM will anticipate issues before they arise, giving their clients helpful hints and tips or showing them useful features of the product. In effect, a CSM will take the pressure off their colleagues, becoming an organisational tour de force who can always stay cool when things heat up.

Quick skills checklist:

  • Exceptional conversation and communication skills
  • A people person – able to build and sustain meaningful relationships with customers
  • Ability to truly understand people, and what they want
  • Trustworthy and reliable
  • Proactive problem-solving skills

Sound like your kind of challenge? Take a look at our complete guide to CSM roles to find out more, and then send over your CV at your earliest convenience so we can begin matching you with the perfect fit Timberseed jobs.


When do graduate jobs start?

For graduate jobs in general, we advise that you should be checking job alerts in your second and third years of university. The application process will then typically start at the start of term in your final year, with the start date after you have finished your studies.

However, with Timberseed, there is no need to wait around!

Our graduate opportunties start all year around, giving you plenty of food for thought as to where your future might take you.

This means that you don’t have to trawl through tons of different job adverts until you find the perfect job. Instead, you can send us your CV and let us help you get your graduate journey started sooner rather than later – accessing incredible roles that can’t be found anywhere else.

Once you have sent over your CV, our Timberseed recruitment team will source the best-suited graduate job for you and your unique skillset. If you are successful in moving onto the next stage, you will need to go through the interview process with the company – but we will help you along every step of the way with bespoke coaching, tips and our incredible resources.

Then, all that is left to do is hit the ground running!

At Timberseed, we know that no two graduate journeys are the same.

So even if you have taken a few months out or are taking a master’s degree – which often means you finish at a different time of year than the typical undergraduate – you don’t have to worry about waiting until the following September to begin your career.

When it comes to finding the right roles for the right people, you can trust us to find a role that helps you thrive. We’re pretty good at it, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Send us your CV and get in touch with Timberseed today. 

Is Edtech a good career?

Edtech is an incredibly important, rewarding, and lucrative sector to begin your career in. For many, it’s the draw of knowing that you will be having a positive impact on the lives of many.

As an industry, it has become invaluable, especially over the past few years. And, as reliance on cloud-based systems and technology inevitably continues to grow, the Edtech industry will no doubt follow suit.

Our graduate jobs are the perfect way to begin your career in Edtech.

We look for raw talent and enthusiasm, so it doesn’t matter whether you don’t have any what seems to be the relevant experience on paper – you’ll learn everything you need to know thanks to clients who offer excellent training, after all.

This will give you an essential foundation to progress your career over the years, with plenty of development and progression opportunities should you wish. Many of our graduates have gone on to significant roles within this sector and beyond, after having spent a few years learning their way around the industry.

This is where Timberseed comes in – we have an exclusive list of clients looking for enthusiastic graduates to join their teams, giving us the opportunity to source for you some of the best roles available.

How much do Edtech graduate roles pay?

With Timberseed, all our Edtech jobs have starting salaries of £30-35,000 per annum, with the opportunity to potentially progress over the years as you build up your skills, knowledge and experience.

Even better, some Timberseed graduate jobs also benefit from on-target earnings (OTE), if they are based in the sales sector. If you hit your performance targets, you can earn up to £50k in year one – even up to £60k in some cases.

This OTE is certainly a worthwhile incentive to begin your career in such a role, especially if you are motivated by big targets and bigger rewards.

Thanks to our exclusive list of clients in the Edtech industry, this means we can proudly reassure you that our graduates can expect to earn £30-50k per year. It will never be any less – and that’s the Timberseed promise.

If you are wondering if Edtech SaaS jobs might be the right move for you, get in touch with Timberseed to chat to the team about your next steps.

How can Timberseed help me in my search for a graduate job?

No more aimlessly scrolling for wishy-washy advice or the latest job alerts – Timberseed has got you covered.

We work with graduates from Oxbridge, Russell Group Universities, and other top-tier institutions to source roles from our exclusive job database and SaaS clients that match your skill set perfectly.

We only source the most outstanding candidates for our clients. So, not to boost your ego, that’s probably you.

Our team knows exactly how to make your talents shine to prospective employers, which is why we also offer one-to-one coaching and practical advice as standard.

Our Timberseed recruitment specialists can also provide you with tips on how to improve your CV and how you might further strengthen your applications. We are here to help!

Graduates can also benefit from specialist preparation advice from a Timberseed interview expert, helping you to always put your best foot forward.

Sound like your cup of tea?

Get in touch with Timberseed today for more information about Edtech jobs, or any other graduate careers. 

Call us on 020 3030 5045 to take the first step towards getting on the Edtech career ladder, today.