23 January 2023

4 Advantages of Using Recruitment Agencies

If you are a business owner on the hunt for potential employees, there are many advantages of recruitment agencies that you should take into consideration. If you ever feel like you are struggling to source high-quality candidates, partnering with a recruitment agency like Timberseed can take the process to the next level.

As a first-class recruitment agency that specialises in matching top-tier talent with SaaS and Fintech companies, Timberseed can help solve this problem for you. Our talent pool consists of highly qualified candidates, mainly graduates, with specific career goals in mind that we believe are most suitable for the role that you have advertised.

Are you a graduate in the job market, desiring a role and company that align with your aspirations? If so, do not hesitate to send your CV to Timberseed so that a member of our team can get in touch with you to discuss your future career journey, offering you expert advice.

And if you’re a company searching for the perfect candidate for a role, why not let Timberseed help you with that? By the end of this article, we’re sure that we’ll be able to convince you to outsource your recruitment with Timberseed.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in – what are the advantages of recruitment agencies?

Considering using a recruitment agency?

Statistics show that the number of high-quality candidates found increased via sourcing than inbound applications in 62% of talent teams. This shows that there is certainly a benefit to using a recruitment agency in improving the quality of candidates that may apply for roles within your company.

When it comes to the hiring process, finding a recruitment agency to source potential candidates may be the better option, especially if you suddenly face internal challenges regarding your hiring team and/or unexpected employee departures.

For example, if a role abruptly opens up due to the previous employee leaving, the entire process of recruiting a new employee can be costly and time consuming, which is a hindrance – especially if the role is required to undertake core business functions.

Instead of adding the recruitment burden to another employee’s time, a recruitment agency like Timberseed can speed up the process entirely by doing the candidate screening ourselves. With us, you can rest assured that we’ll be supplying you with the most qualified candidates for the specific role and its responsibilities.

You’ll find that Timberseed’s pool of candidates will be geared up in interview etiquette, so you can expect our sourced talent to nail those interview questions and pitch how they’ll specifically bring value to your firm.

Then, there you have it – the role has been filled efficiently and effectively, saving you both time and money in the long run.

The advantages of using recruitment agencies

It goes without saying that the current job market is fiercely competitive, between both candidates and companies, which is why recruitment agencies act as the middle man between employers and candidates.

In particular, Timberseed provides job seekers with access to exclusive job opportunities from companies like yours that otherwise aren’t advertised elsewhere.

So, how exactly can a recruitment company like Timberseed assist you in solving current hiring complexities?

Save time and internal resources

It’s well-known that the recruitment process requires time and effort from your internal HR team. When a job vacancy opens within your company, partnering with a recruitment agency can reap great benefits – including reducing costs and the time it takes to hire a successful candidate.

From screening and vetting to interviewing (and possibly even more interviewing!), the entire process of recruiting new talent can be exhausting – even more of a reason for you to use a recruitment agency.

An expert recruitment consultant from Timberseed can lift this burden off your shoulders by matching your vacant roles with high-quality, vetted talent. This saves your internal resources for other tasks such as planning and preparing the onboarding and training process for the new hire.

Although we’re unable to spearhead the interview process – apart from organising the interview itself, of course – we can significantly reduce the time it takes to find suitable candidates on your side since we have already found prime talent for you. Additionally, any future hiring costs may be minimised as a result of using the same recruitment agency who’re already familiar with your needs.

Gain access to the best candidates available

There are many advantages to using recruitment agencies like Timberseed. We open up multiple doors of opportunities, especially access to talent that otherwise may not have been organically exposed to your job vacancies. You no longer have to fret about eye strain when it comes to sifting through a number of applications – recruitment companies filter out irrelevant applicants, ensuring that only those with desirable candidate experience are shortlisted for you.

What’s more, you’ll find that using a recruitment agency can help widen your reach in terms of finding prospective employees – those actively seeking graduate entry-level positions are likely to join an agency, thus increasing your chances of your job opportunities being advertised and visible to top job seekers.

Whether that’s a role in account management, or a more specific and technical FinTech vacancy – no matter the industry that your company is in, recruitment agencies have a vast database of talent. And, with the help of a specialised recruitment consultant, we are able to link your job vacancies with candidates who possess the most potential to thrive within that role and within your company.

Boost your business’s growth and expansion

The advantages of recruitment agencies are fruitful for businesses in the long term. This is why we consider the graduate talent at Timberseed as long-term investments for companies who are willing to provide the tools needed to help them progress upwards on the career ladder, becoming a valuable asset to the company over time.

A recruitment agency – and the recruitment consultant hired for your company – will become an integral part of your business, working externally but acting internally. In other words, despite being outsourced, the recruiter is committed to learning the ins and outs of your business and the company culture so that they better understand precisely what the ‘ideal candidate’ means for your firm.

We learn the needs and wants of the job roles, improving the efficiency of candidate sourcing, and also act as a representative of your company when communicating with candidates.

Tap into industry expertise from recruitment specialists

Naturally, recruitment companies are filled with recruitment specialists, often people who are experts in their industry or field. For example, if you are a Fintech company, Timberseed will assign a recruitment consultant who is knowledgeable in the Fintech industry to assist you in your recruitment cycle.

This means that, not only do you receive support in sourcing applicants, but you’re also provided with expert advice on how to attract top candidates within that field in terms of salary expectations, role duties, and responsibilities, and more. This can be particularly useful if salary negotiations arise.

Our experts are equipped with the market knowledge, understanding, and experience it takes to source the finest candidates within a specific industry.

What kind of candidates can Timberseed source for me?

Timberseed’s network of graduates come from a diverse range of backgrounds, with degrees in a variety of disciplines. Our graduates hail from universities of academic acclaim, so you can expect to find ambitious and hard-working candidates in our talent pool.

All of our graduates possess unique skills that are relevant and specific to certain roles, as well as essential soft skills that are transferable to any job and career path. These include skills such as:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication – verbal and written
  • Organisational and time management – strong work ethic
  • Critical thinking, including problem-solving
  • Positive attitude to work including friendliness and respectfulness

Some of our graduates also have hard skills that may be appealing to employers, including:

  • Technical or specialist skills such as knowledge of coding/programme languages, editing photos and/or videos
  • Foreign language skills – beneficial for those seeking a bilingual employee
  • Project management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting – bookkeeping, auditing, budgeting, and more

These skills are extremely useful in all industries – and, although you may not find relevant work experience on their CV, Timberseed graduates possess a willingness to learn that makes them ideal for moulding to become an exceptional employee within your company.

As we aim to match our network in roles and fields that they are passionate about, the likelihood of employee engagement and excellent employee performance is increased as the graduate is more likely to be motivated to progress in your company.

In turn, this may lead to the fostering of a loyal and long-term relationship between the candidate and the company, minimising employee turnover, and improving employee retention rates.

Sourcing raw talent with Timberseed

As you can see, there are numerous advantages of using recruitment agencies. Partnering with a recruitment agency such as Timberseed to boost your company’s recruitment efficiency is definitely worth looking into if you plan on decreasing costs and time, without compromising the quality of candidates.

Timberseed is dedicated to sourcing passionate graduates who are eager and keen to learn new skills and develop their current ones, gaining valuable work experience within a field that they are interested in. Our friendly team supports them every step of the way, from giving them tips on enhancing their CV to helping them prepare for an interview.

Timberseed will get to know your specific recruitment needs and make sure that they’re fulfilled, so you are given peace of mind when it comes to your company’s hiring process.


How does Timberseed ensure the quality of candidates sourced for companies?

Timberseed employs rigorous screening processes to assess the suitability and skills of candidates. From academic qualifications to soft and hard skills evaluations, Timberseed ensures that only high-quality candidates are presented to companies.


What industries does Timberseed specialise in for candidate placement?

Timberseed specialises in matching top-tier talent with companies in the SaaS (Software as a Service) and Fintech (Financial Technology) sectors. However, our diverse pool of candidates encompasses graduates from various disciplines, catering to a wide range of industries.


Can Timberseed assist with specific recruitment needs or roles within a company?

Yes, Timberseed can tailor its recruitment services to meet the specific needs of companies, including sourcing candidates for specialised roles. Our recruitment consultants provide expert advice and assistance throughout the hiring process, ensuring that companies find the ideal candidates for their vacancies.


For companies who’d like to implement an effective recruitment process and attract the top talent within their industries, please get in touch with Timberseed today by calling us at 020 3030 5045 or by dropping us an email at info@timberseed.com.